Eleanor is working on her first novel as part of the London Writers Awards 2021, run by Spread the Word. She is currently researching the history of ports and shipping as part of an ongoing literature project Albion, funded by Arts Council England.

Non-Fiction + Journalism 

Eleanor has written for numerous UK and international outlets, including The IndependentReal Review, and the European Cultural Foundation. Below are samples of her writing. To keep up with her work, follow her on twitter, medium and instagram.

Billionaires Want to Be the Gatekeepers of the Solar System – In These Times

Sex and the City Is Back and I Couldn’t Help but Wonder: Will the Show Finally Throw Off Shackles of Capitalism? –Novara Media

Genetic Testing and the Return of Race Science – Verso Books

The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson – Verso Books

The lessons of the epic quest for Blissymbolics: a universal written language – New Statesman

Againgst Malthus – The London Review of Books

In Labor – Real Life Magazine

We Don’t Have A Refugee Crisis – We Have A Housing Crisis – openDemocracy

Oi Zizek, stop saying there is no difference between the fascist Le Pen and Macron – HUCK Magazine

Burning witches and banning abortions made capitalism possible – Red Pepper Magazine


Her poetry pamphlet ‘Mercy’ is forthcoming from flipped eye in June 2021Awards for her poetry include the Verve Poetry Festival Prize 2020 and the Poetry London Prize, and she was nominated for a Forward Prize 2021. She was a member of Barbican Young Poets, and was twice shortlisted for Young People’s Poet Laureate for London.. She regularly teaches creative writing workshops. 

She’s a three-time alumnus of the Barbican Young Poets programme, mentored by Jacob Sam-La Rose. She’s formerly Writer-in-Residence at Housmans Bookshop, and Artist-in-Residence at the Centre for Recent Drawing. She’s won prizes with Keats House and the Young Poet Network, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Four Hubs magazine named her a ‘Top Ten Page Poet to Watch’. She’s an alumnus of the London Library’s T.S. Eliot Emerging Writers scheme. Commissions include the Poetry School, Rich Mix, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Barbican.

She produces and hosts the widely-praised poetry podcast Bedtime Stories for the End of the World, featuring new work from some of the UK’s top poets, alongside a development programme for emerging writers.

Watch her poem Homesick, a commission by the Barbican.
Listen to a radio interview and reading on ‘Your Fave Could Never‘, Resonance FM.
Read samples of her work in the Barbican Young Poets Anthology,  Out-Spoken Poetry, Three Drops PoetryThe Poetry Society.

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