She regularly features as a political and cultural commentator on broadcast media.
She is a member of the Spokesperson Network, from the New Economy Organisers Network. Appearances include Sky News, Al Jazeera, France24, BBC Newsnight, Politics Live, talkRadio, LBC, and This Is Hell. Topics include Brexit, the far right, feminism, economics, climate change, and Israel/Palestine. She’s a Spokesperson with the New Economy Organisers Network. See more here and here.

She regularly gives talks and lectures on politics, culture and technology at venues including the British Library, the Bishopsgate Institute, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Cambridge Literary Festival and The World Transformed.

She produces videos, radios and podcasts with Novara Media. Including interviews and explainers. She co-produced, scripted and presented a documentary on Rosa Luxemburg, produced in partnership with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

She produced, scripted and presented a documentary about London sex workers and their fight for legal rights.

She frequently appears on the live radio show Novara FM. Examples include:
Reclaiming Feminism: Sex, Work & Womanhood
Politics, Power, Change: Will Davies on Corbyn and Beyond

She co-hosts New Statesman podcast The Sisterhood

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